Thursday, October 7, 2010


The aged instead

The aged instead of
dealing! An excellent thing.
His eye and ear; he

dislikes it because he had
taken a separation.

But the boldest point

But the boldest point
he made almost the central
fact of life, and then

a grave deliberation,
to the cruel part of name.

Let them feel the bite

Let them feel the bite
of his brain and kidney, a
bottle of port wine.

There must really be something
of that spirit in rising.

In the hope that all

In the hope that all
the perplexity of his
mind. We should know, and

I have brought here to prove
the assessment of window.

It was your beat

It was your beat. Name
of this mixture in my grave,
said he, not only

washing his hands. What is he
in his mind for ever seen.
These poems are based on: a) Great Expectations, Charles Dickens
b) A Modern Utopia, H.G. Wells

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